Fly Over Curacao


Dreams can come true…

We offer you a dream flight, while you make our dreams come true. At the lowest possible rate!

Fly Over Curaçao is an initiative of young, graduated pilots of the KLM Flight Academy, the Netherlands. We take you for an amazing flight over Curacao. This helps us realise our dreams and countering the economic crisis.

How does it work?
In short, it all comes down to this: The supply of graduated pilots is skyrocketing, while the demand for them is very low. Flyers need to build flight hours in order to maintain their high levels of competence and to stay current. Through this, they get to be considered for jobs with major airlines. Unfortunately though, building hours is impossible without a job, and finding a job is impossible without a certain amount of flight hours. Or is it? It is our dream to fly and you can help us!

Help a brother out
The system is simple. Every flight you book with us, generates a half, full, or one and a half extra flight hour for us. Since this is our main objective, we can offer it to you at the lowest possible rate. The indicator on this website shows you the target flight hours and the actual number flown with Fly Over Curacao. As you can see, we really need your help!

Of course, there’s something great in it for you! Your flight with Fly Over Curacao allows you to see all tourist attractions from high up above. Enjoy spectacular views over the beaches, bays and Klein Curacao. From the pure and unspoiled East Point, to hip and buzzing Jan Thiel; everything is possible with Fly Over Curacao. Our fully qualified pilots take you on an unforgettable tour that is entirely adjusted to your preferences. An at the same time, you make our dreams come true. A win-win situation!

On this website, you will find all the information you need concerning our flights. But you can also contact us directly and book a flight. We look forward to welcoming you on board! Jump in and Fly Over Curaçao!




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